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REMAX Broker Spotlight Tara Williams

Dated: July 18 2023

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A true leader, Tara Williams of RE/MAX Elegance in Maryland shares how she’s leveling up her business.

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Preferred Title: Broker/Owner
Years in Real Estate: 7
Brokerage Name: RE/MAX Elegance
Location: Brandywine, Maryland
Number of Offices:  1
Number of Agents: 8

Q: How did you get into real estate?

A: It was a personal experience that really opened my eyes to the opportunities of the real estate industry. In 2010, I was trying to buy a short sale property. While my agent was on top of everything, there were a few pitfalls and the sale fell through. It was hard, but I gained a new perspective on the market and appreciation for my agent. I was also in awe of how professional my agent was and the lifestyle she led. As a single mom of two sons, I wanted a career that set a good example but also helped me help others. Real estate was it! 

Q: What originally attracted you to become a Broker/Owner with the RE/MAX® brand?

A: Becoming a Broker/Owner was a push for me. I started in real estate as an associate agent and did that for a few years prior to making the jump to agent. In my seven years as an agent, all my success was due to my own hard work and perseverance. But I broke barriers being a black woman – I became a top producing agent in my market and I became a team leader. Leading and teaching is natural to me and I finally decided to pay it forward and open my own brokerage. Once that idea came to me, the first name I thought of was RE/MAX. With the brand recognition and the balloon, it’s a brand that’s on top.

Q: What were some of the feelings you had around your move to RE/MAX?

A: I was very excited about becoming a part of a global company and its community of brokers. It’s a role and opportunity I take very seriously. As a woman of color, I want to be an example to the industry and the brand of what we are capable of, and I hope to be a trendsetter for others to follow.

Q: How would you describe the support you experienced when opening your RE/MAX office?

A: Transitioning from agent to owner has been eye-opening. I do not have a business partner and I am a selling broker, so I’m wearing many hats.  However, the support I received from the RE/MAX franchise development team really helped me to learn important strategies and skills that were invaluable in opening my business. How? With honest feedback, business brainstorming, recruiting assistance, and introducing me to the RE/MAX community.

Q: How did the market respond to your move to RE/MAX?

A: I’m very pleased with how the market responded to my move to RE/MAX. As a woman and minority, I’ve been greeted with much respect; I’ve been welcomed by my peers, past colleagues, and new counterparts. I’m the only real estate brokerage in Brandywine and am just starting to get my marketing and promotional campaigns going, but as I do more advertising throughout my market, I’m optimistic I’ll get my name out there and the community will continue to embrace me, my agents and RE/MAX Elegance.

Q: What are some of your professional goals and how is RE/MAX helping you achieve them?

A: My main goal as a RE/MAX Broker/Owner is to grow my business with good talent. In just the few short months I’ve been a part of RE/MAX, the brand itself and the Join RE/MAX website have been very beneficial tools to bring in new real estate agents.

Q: What do you think today's agent finds the most valuable when considering which brokerage to join and how do you ensure your office offers that value? 

A: I think today’s agents are looking for support and mentorship. As a natural leader and teacher, I aspire to provide my agents the educational opportunities to grow their real estate business. The agents that don’t make it in this industry are the ones that didn’t have the proper leadership and mentorship. I made the change from agent to broker to help more agents, and I promise that value when agents join my office.

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